// ME ME ME //
//   I graduated as an illustrator, became a designer, then became an illustrator again. So I’m an illustrator who gets frustrated by bad kerning and when I hear 'rivers' and 'widows' in the same sentence, I know there hasn't necessarily been a family tragedy.
//   When I left college I tried to be a political illustrator, but I just couldn’t make ends meet. Then, at an exhibition of Guardian cartoonists I overheard the curator tell someone that some of their cartoonists struggled to pay their rent. It was at that point that I decided to swap politics for good economics and get a design job that pays.
//   My career so far has taken me to LA, Las Vegas, Seattle, Calgary, Portland, Chicago, Beijing, Milan, Paris, Munich, Venice and a wind farm off the coast of Liverpool, in a small boat, in a gale. Other than that, the water has been fairly calm, blue, and full of fish.
//   I came back to illustration through the back door… By working as an independent designer and creating the illustration work myself. I also had the help of design agency Wordsearch who gave me multiple opportunities.
//   Because of my design and branding background, I can illustrate in many different ways but I try to be true to myself... Which means simplicity, drama, flat colour, texture, dark humour and sometimes light... Grey humour, I call it. 
//   I’m like a clown who wants to be taken seriously, or a serious actor armed with a water pistol.  
//   I believe that illustrators can be more than just one-style-ponies. I believe we can be thinkers, writers, researchers and strategists too. I believe we can be a part of the process, to create something more unique and more effective, if you just let us.  
//   I have a range of talents, bags of experience and a computer screen unnecessarily big for someone with such a small head. My desk is cluttered but my mind is free and there is always space between my ears for another interesting project.
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